The Perfect False Ceiling Fans for 2x2 Ceiling.

Top Air Energy Saving False Ceiling Fans 14″ 2×2 Super Slim was specifically designed for suspended ceilings. This fan is a unique alternative to a conventional “down-road hanging” ceiling fans. The Top Air False Ceiling Fan is designed to fit into standard 24×24 suspended ceilings framework.

Unlike conventional ceiling fans, false ceiling fans can be quickly installed – to mount, simply remove existing tile and drop the new Top Air False Ceiling Fan into the 24×24 grid frame. It can also be installed over Gypsum & Grid Type Ceiling.

Today, false ceiling fans are become very popular among offices, banks, business centers, hospitals, school, etc and it is being recommended by Architects, Interior Designers & Consultants for modern outlook and aesthetic appeal.

False Ceiling Fans are Energy Saving and save electricity bill up to 60%. It eliminates the in-consistence indoor temperature to various locations and helps tune up the temperature of air-conditioner setting to save energy.

Energy Saving

With the use of an air-condition system. It eliminates the inconsistence indoor temperature to various locations and helps tune up the air-conditioner's temperature setting to save energy.

Intelligent & Safe

Infra-red remote control, it has 3 speeds of wind adjustment control. Ball-bearing electric 99.99% pure copper motor for long life, as well as reduced noise and more safety.

Comfortable & Healthful

360° rotate grille cover wide area and providing good air circulation for comfortable and healthful indoor environment.

Economic & Eco-Friendly

Low power consumption, high efficiency, rigid and durable. Reduce air-pollution and carbon emission. Save money and protects environment.

Easy to Maintain

With unique conceptual designs, breaking through structure defects of conventional ceiling fans, minimizes floor space, easy to disassemble and maintain.

Excellent & Intimate

Comply with all functional requirements including energy saving, power saving, lower noise, comfort, health, environment protection and safety. It can easily apply to most of public indoor are such as office, hospital, classroom etc.

Top Air Brand False Ceiling Fans and Exhaust Fans in Pakistan

Features And Specifications:

  • Strong Air Delivery.
  • 99.99% Pure Copper Motor.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Ultra quiet.
  • Easy mount-fits on a 24”x24” suspended ceiling framework.
  • Airflow Grille and blade assembly can be easily detached for cleaning.
  • 3 Speed Control with Remote.
  • 65 watts Motor.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Frequently asked questions

What is the height clearance needed for installation between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling?

Allow 6 inches of clearance above grid line to fit fan. Top Air False Ceiling Fan is only 70 mm thin Super Slim.

Will the fan draw down the trapped hot air between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling?

False Ceiling Fans are self-contained, they have a cover that prevents warm and dusty air trapped in the ceiling from being drawn back down to the room. Air is drawn via the side vents and forced downward through the Airflow grille.

What is the weight of fan ?

The False Ceiling Fan weight is around 4 kg only.

Will this fan work perfectly with Local UPS or Fan Dimmer ?

The False Ceiling Fan is manufactured for the Electrical Standards of 220-240v but it is not suitable to run over local UPS or fan dimmer due to insight built-in PCB and remote sensor.

TopAir 14" 2x2 Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan Video

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False Ceiling Fan
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